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Eloquence Unlimited, LLC is a full service copywriting, copyediting, and content creation firm based in the heart of the Holy City – Charleston, South Carolina. Applying an innate knack for gifted word play, authentic relatability, and powerful imagery, Eloquence Unlimited, LLC effectively communicates ideas and thoughts in a clear, concise, and coherent manner guaranteed to compel any audience.


Accurate word usage coupled with an operative tone are essential in translating information in various forms – from research papers and sponsorship letters to corporate correspondences and résumés/curriculum vitae. Eloquence Unlimited, LLC prides itself on closing the communication gap while assisting a wide spectrum of clients in coherently translating their messages in a way that opens doors new opportunities professionally, academically, or personally. 

If you are in search of results-driven, articulate, professional-level writing assistance, look no further than Eloquence Unlimited, LLC.  

Eloquence Unlimited steps in to ensure and improve the "4 C's":

  1. Clarity

  2. Coherency

  3. Consistency

  4. Correctness

Each of these are combined to achieve the "Cardinal C," communication.

Eloquence [noun]

fluent or persuasive speaking or writing.


Unlimited [adjective]

unrestricted in terms of number, quantity or extent.

Eloquence Unlimited offers a plethora of services, customized to fit the needs of our clients while  exceeding expectations. Dependable, compassionate,  & articulate service is our hallmark. Additionally, we provide complimentary consultations to ensure a thorough understanding of our clients' service needs.


Services include, but are not limited, to composition, revision, and editing of:

  • Résumés

  • Cover letters

  • Calligraphy

  • Business Correspondences

  • Webpage Creative Content

  • Marketing, Public & Mass Communications

  • Real Estate Listings

  • Collegiate & Post-Graduate Letters of Intent 

  • Grant Proposals

  • Recommendation Letters

  • Business Plans

  • Newsletters

  • Dissertations

  • Research Papers & Presentations

  • Speeches

  • Sponsorship Letters

  • Personal Statements

  • Book Reviews

  • And much, much more!

Portfolio & writing samples available upon request.

Terms & Conditions of service made available with PayPal invoice.



Revision & Proofreading
Content Creation



Keonta' Ramsey is the Founder, Chief Copyeditor & Creative Director of Eloquence Unlimited, LLC.

A master Wordsmith, she decided to combine her talent as an artful & insightful linguist with her passion for helping others realize their aspirations.

Possessing an insatiable thirst for knowledge and success are the internal motivators that she’s harnessed in building the Eloquence Unlimited brand. Keonta’s experience as a writing coach and tutor began during her matriculation at Coastal Carolina University, where she also worked as a Mentor and Study Hall proctor for student-athletes. Through the scholastic achievements of her mentees, Keonta’ realized that her talents could be used to service others while furthering my academic aspirations. After graduating with a degree in Biology and Minor in Health Promotion and working several years in the medical industry, she made decided to capitalize on her talents as a gifted writer & storyteller to create Eloquence Unlimited, LLC.

From assisting clients in gaining lucrative employment opportunities, to helping students earning top grades on coursework and papers, while opening active lines of communication with high-end clientele for entrepreneur,. Keonta' firmly believes in the adage "Reach as you climb." She works adamantly to use her business acumen to assist as many people as possible while learning, listening, and loving every step of the way. Her mission is simple, help clients realize plans and assist in facilitating the achievement of goals and visions.

Keonta' spends the majority of her leisure time in fellowship at church, sharing meals with family and friends, or binge watching documentaries and action movies.  She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and as a passionate servant leader, serves on the Board of Directors of Race4Achievement, a non-profit organization based in Charleston, SC & Charlotte, NC.






"I honestly still cannot find the accurate words to describe how pleased I was with Eloquence Unlimited. So professional and punctual.The obvious brilliance that was displayed producing my cover letter is God given talent."
- C.S. White


“I am so glad that I contacted Eloquence Unlimited in regards to my résumé and cover letter. When I received them I was blown away by not only the appearance but the wording as well. I immediately sent my new cover letter and résumé out to the different employment sites. I've had several phone calls and I've been on three interviews so far. You will not be disappointed with their work, I promise.”
- M. Bessant


“I just want to thank you. You got my cousin the job and she's making nearly 6 figures because of your PowerPoint Presentation!”
- C. Robinson






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